Rubielos Cular Chorizo Sausage

Rubielos Cular Chorizo Sausage

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The Chorizo Cular Rubielos is a cured sausage made with meat exclusively from D.o. Teruel pork (mostly lean meat) with several spices added, especially Spanish paprika, that gives it its trademark bright red colour and taste, then stuffed into a natural gut with a characteristic shape. 

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We use only best quality paprika which lends a sweet flavour and a smooth texture. Curing is done naturally hung for months in our cellars exactly like our ancestors have done for ages. 

This is a sausage to enjoy on his own, as part of a sandwich, pintxo or tapa and is also part of several typical Spanish dishes like migas, ollas, cocidos, etc. 


Data sheet

Magro, pork bacon, pepper, glucose syrup, dextrin, dextrose, sucrose, spices, salt, antioxidant E331i, E-316), preservative E-252, emulsifier E-450i, E-120 colorant.
Salt: 1234.9mg, Energy: 417Kcal/1730kj, Proteins: 25.2g, Carbohydrates: 0.86g, Total Fats: 34.60g, Saturated Fats: 13.76g, Trans fats: less than 0.001g, Sugars: 0.4g
Keep in a cold and dry place. Open 10 min before consuming

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